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Unattended Install Not Completely Unattended

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Hello everyone,

Before I get to my question, I must say that this site is awesome. The information that is found here is just amazing. It is a little intimidating though. I been building, upgrading, fixing computers enough to think I was advanced. However, once I saw the Intermediate and Advanced sections for the Unattended CD it really humbled me. So far, I could only make the Beginner version. I am sure with your help I can get the rest down.

Anyways, here is my question for the time being. I made a basic unattended CD, which works well. However, I still get prompted to enter a bit of information and am hoping you can tell me what I need to change.

After the install, I receive the following prompts:

Welcome to Microsoft XP

Help Protect Your Computer Automatic Updates

Checking for Internet Connection

Register Windows XP

Windows XP Tour

How do I fix this? Is it on the winnt.sif or the OOBEINFO.ini?

Here are both of them.



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"If OemPreinstall in the [unattended] section of Unattend.txt is set to Yes, unattended Setup automatically stops on the Welcome page. To avoid this pause in your factory or testing environment, set OEMSkipWelcome = 1. Do not ship any computer with OEMSkipWelcome = 1. Instead, change OEMSkipWelcome in the [GuiUnattended] section of Sysprep.inf to 0 before delivering the computer to the customer." - from Windows Corporate Deployment Tools

From what I have read, UnattendMode=FullUnattended does not automate MiniSetup if OemPreinstall=Yes. Try using a sysprep.inf.


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Welcome to MSFN! :hello:

Ahh, sounds like the OOBE. Pretty sure you can disable it through nLite or a few fixes, but I use this method by xenogen: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=10799

It takes everything out of the OOBE except the user account creation. And when I'm done with that its setup to auto login with the top user. Then finally a registry tweak to disable the auto login, for me. :)

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Yes, RayOK is correct, my mistake. I added "UnattendSwitch = Yes" to the [unattended] section in your Winnt.sif below.


UnattendSwitch = Yes






BitsPerPel= 16
Vrefresh= 75
Xresolution= 1024
Yresolution= 768



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Yeah, RayOK is correct - those are OOBE questions, and wouldn't be asked by default unless you included the oobe inf (which you've done). I suggest a)scripting OOBE entirely, b)using another method (rather than OOBE) to script user creation, or c)use a tool such as nLite to remove as much of the OOBE as you are able.

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Thanks you for your help guys. As I waited for a response I looked at the ref.cfm file and found the change for the oobinfo.ini.

I put this:





Everything worked perfectly on the VM

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What does the Unattended Switch do?


Specifies whether Setup skips Windows Welcome or Mini-Setup when preinstalling Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional using the CD boot method.

(from Ref.chm)

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