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Linking problems in Office XP, Office 2003


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Hey guys,

This is a wierd problem and was hoping anyone could help out? It might be a bug, but it could be something simple too.

I make a spreadsheet using Excel 2003 that contains hyperlinks to documents on the network. Everything works fine and dandy (the document itself is on the network as well). The problem is, when I open the file again, edit it and save it, the links get corrupted.

The excel spreadsheet is located at server1/documents/file.xls

and contains a hyperlink to file://server1/support/file.pdf

After I edit the file, the hyperlink now reads

../../support/file.pdf and the hyperlink won't link.

Any ideas? I'm thinking its just an issue with XP and 2003, but not sure.

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ok I to work on a server

have you tried pointing to the full adress of the file so instead of


you link to


where g is your server drive letter

and thurrock would be your server folder

if you right click on the file and goto properties it will give you the full address to point to

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