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windows 2003 and openGL

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i know some people are going to burn me about using openGL in windows 2003 cause "there is no point, since its for servers only"

but...opengl mode doesnt work! i've tried all the microsoft drivers from windows2003 cd AND from the xp cd. i've downloaded the ati drivers from the site and still no luck.

i took the xp drivers on my other drive (which works in ogl) and replaced the 2k3 ones and STILL can't get the mode to work.

i've tried almost everything from using different drivers provided by micrsoft to all the drivers from ati (nt, 2000 and xp) and replacing with xp video drivers.

if anyone has any ideas on what i can/should do please post back!

computer specs:

p3 600mhz

20gig hdd

ati rage 128 /xpert 2000

creative live! value

heres a taste of what happens when i try to run/test someting in ogl mode


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