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User Permissions Server 2003 SBE


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Is it possible to Stop Users from Deleting files off the server.

I want them to be able to Save new copies and make new files, but not delete what has been created?

It would also be handy for me to be able to specify certain number of yours who Can Delete things.

I know it would be done through user permissions, but I am un sure as to the exacts.



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All you need to do is to disable the Delete permission. So, you select your folder, right click, Sharing and Security Options, then click the advanced button, and then select your user object that you want to modify. You will then notice that there are a bunch of security modifiers in the list below, just make sure that the user object has the Delete modifier with the setting you want. If you want seletected users to be able to delete stuff, create a new group, say USER_FS_DELETE, and then add all the users you want to be able to delete stuff to this group. Then add the delete permission. Just remember that a DENY modifier is stronger than an ALLOW modifier.

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Yep, exactly...

and no setting will apply, then either with supercede it, so its better just to leave the permission set blank unless you wish to specifically deny that privledge. as a blank permission set is automatically deny, just without the ability to supercede allow.

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