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Setup freezes


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Hi, i have successfulyl got windows xp and windows 2003 working on my multiboot dvd. But, i seem to be having major problems with windows 2000 sp4.

Everytime i try to install it it just freezes with 'Setup Is Starting Windows 2000' in the bottom left hand corner, during the text mode part of the setup.

Im using vmware as my virtual pc to install.

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Sometimes 2000 can hang for up to an hour on this screen.

What could cause your problem....

-Including custom drivers and some post sp4 hotfixes.

Does it work with a fresh, non-modified Source (that means no winnt.sif as well)?

-ACPI can cause the hang. (Disable in bios or read MS's article on how to start a install w/o ACPI)

-Installing from RIS is also said to cause problems.

I bet the first possible cause is most likely your issue. If an unaltered SP4 build works.. add hotfixes.

If SP4 + hotfixes work, add winnt.sif w/o the entries for drivers. Try to keep it very simple.

If that works then add all your drivers except SCSI/RAID/IDE and update winnt.sif.

If all is well....add the rest and troubleshoot the problem from there.

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Okay try these steps and only go to the next step if the current one you try isn't working

1. Go into BIOS and disable ACPI. Try a fresh install.

2.Disable ACPI, when setup prompts for SCSI RAID (F6 prompt).... Press F5

Now select "standard PC i486". Try a fresh install.

3.Disable ACPI, multi CPU support / and or HT support (if you have that kind of hardware). Try a fresh install.

4.Repeat step 2 w/ the additional items disabled from step 3.

I would suggest a quick format before each attempt otherwise you are likely to still stay stuck where you are

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