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Probably totally wrong

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Place to post this, so trash it if needed. I don't own any MS server O/S's, but I do have an old box setup with linux, and all the server tools installed. Now where I'm having problems is setting it up. All I want this for is to setup an in house http server to duplicate my web server space, and install a copy of my forum, so i can try modifications before actually uploading to the web server. Just as a safety measure. But, I cannot even get thru httpd configure. It may as well be written in martian, or perhaps is written in klingon. But the more i read it the more confused i get. Can someone help or link me to a good site for dummies? I've googled every posible combo I can think of, and still end up with the same results, just apache docs.

Again, sorry if this is the wrong place for this. :blushing:

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