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Recently, I have got into learning VB .NET and I was wondering if the .NET Framework is "standard" on Windows XP. If not, is Microsoft planning on making the .NET Framework 2.0 standard when they release it.

I was thinking it could be a waste of my time to learn the language if it isn't standard on the majority of computers.

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.NET is the Technology behind most of the Future Applications and O/S'es built by Microsoft. Currently Release 1.1 of the .NET Framework is available and recommended for public usage, 2.0 is available as BETA2 and will be shipped with Vista and Longhorn Server (but also runs down to Win98).

In my opinion you definitly do not waste Time if you learn the VB.NET Language and the .NET Framework because of the following facts:

*) Future Technology by Microsoft

*) Has significant advantages over other languages (Managed, Garbage Collection,..)

*) Will also gain popularity on Linux and other OSS Systems because of the Novell Sponsored Mono project (Free and Open Source .NET and C#/VB.NET)

Hop that helps a little,


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.NET is GREAT! The next generation command line from MS will be frontend to .net (similar like wmic is frontend to wmi classes), so it is definitely not waste of time.

As Egon said, using IL you can run .net applications on every os. There is only one big problem with MONO yet, it doesnt support Windows Forms :(

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