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approx license costs for pc connect to fileserver


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I have a small client and think that they should setup a file server mostly for centralized backups.

Of course cost will be an issue. I was thinking of installing a linux samba server but was not aware

that MS charges on a pc basis for connections to a file server, until now.

This customer gets their pc's from dell so they are running xp home and I have them networked so they can share files. So far I see no reason to for microsoft to get involved in any licensing issues since each pc is properly licensed via dell for the duration of its operation.

What sort of costs will kick in for a file server whether linux with samba or winserver?

Or is there a site where I can configure a cost estimate?

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MS will charge you license costs if you connect with your PC's to a Samba Fileserver? I think this is a urban legend....

Windows Servers are licensed either for a fixed number of connections or per seat (pc). If you use Samba as a Fileserver for your network you have no additional cost expect maybe for the Linux Distribution you are using.

Bye, Egon

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