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Unattended INF install

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I am building 20 new machines, which have Philips LCD monitors. I have the monitor install files (a CAT file, and ICM file and and INF file) in a folder in $OEM. On my test machine using an MSI GeForce 5700LE, the graphics driver was found automatically (Drivers on Windows CD, or perhaps Windows Update, not sure), and the Monitor was IDd automaticall. Net result, when the install was done the machine was right. Now, on my actual machines, which use a combination of Gigabyte GeForce 6600 and nVidia IGP graphics, I have to install the graphics drivers seperately, which I can do using RunOnceEX. However, because there is no correct graphics driver when Windows uses the OEM folders, I now end up with the need to manually install the monitor and change the resolution.

What I am wondering is, can I use RunOnceEX to install the INF file, after the graphics card installs, and before resetting the resolution via a REG file? When I right click install the INF nothing happens. I have to actually step thru a hardware install process, but perhaps there is a command line way to use the INF file?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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look at this topic, if i install my drivers with that method, windows accepts my "not digitally signed" monitor drivers as the default drivers. Maybe that works for you too. The VGA drivers i do the same, but there windows takes its own digitally signed ones, if the ones you try to install aren't signed. I just downloaded a digitally signed one from NVidia, unpacked it (first with WinRAR and afterwards i had to unpack via "expand" some more files) and placed them in a "01_vga" directory. all is found and installed correctly.

Since i'm too lazy to manually expand every freaking file heres a (so far working) batch skript to expand most of the files. After executing this you gotta check if there's any more files ending on *.??_ (where ? is an one-char-wildcard). what the last letter of the ending is you gotta find out yourself by google or so (if you can't guess it).


FOR %%a IN (*.*_) DO (
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".tv_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.tvp"
del "%%~nxa")
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".sy_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.sys"
del "%%~nxa")
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".ex_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.exe"
del "%%~nxa")
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".dl_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.dll"
del "%%~nxa")
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".hl_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.hlp"
del "%%~nxa")
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".cf_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.cfg"
del "%%~nxa")
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".cp_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.cpl"
del "%%~nxa")
IF "%%~xa" EQU ".xm_" (
expand "%%~nxa" "%%~na.xml"
del "%%~nxa")

(beware of the "del-commands" keep a backup of your files somewhere, or you gotta download the drivers again if the skript messes anything up)

so far


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