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I Have An 80GB Seagate, 7200RPM 8MB Cache Hdd, I Bought It For 100$

Now, That's All I Have In My Computer, My Friend Has 2 80GB and 1 250GB Hdd, That Totals To 410GB, And He Used It All Up... Well Nearly, He Has 4GB Left... That Makes My 80GB Look Very Small... What Happened To The Days When 20GB Was A Huge Ammount of Space :S ... I Think I Should Buy Another Hdd For My Computer, And Fast! :(

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it's common for people to take up all available space, no matter how big the harddisk is. Until a few months ago i had a 40 GB Harddisk in my primary computer and distributed all the necessary stuff across different machines (Music, Videos, Pictures, etc..) - now i have a 120GB Disk and everything formerly on other machines is stored on my primary machine.

You also change you mind when you have a lot of space in sense of what you leave on your harddrive and what not. In former times i installed a game, played it, and when it was not interesting anymore i removed it from the disk. now i install a game, play it and leave it on the disk.

And you also have to remember that applications and games grow in size very quickly. lets take a example:

Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0: 3 CD's given a total installed size of about 1gig.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2003: 5 CD's given a total installed size of about 4gig.

and this is just a example of one application. I remember a few years (ok, many years) ago my primary development workstation had 2gb disc installed and i almost worked in the same way as now.

But that's time. Things changing. And a 120gig discs costs now the same as a 20gig disc 3 years ago when it was state of the art.

bye, Egon

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I have a 120gb Seagate HDD and have used 40gb.

For me personally, thats down to the following things:

- the number of PC games i install (not all are installed atm, but they use many gb's)

- if you use large application suites such as Microsoft Office, which can use a few hundred mb

- the amount of music you download/copy onto your disc, can easily run in gb's

- the amount of installers you store on your hdd from the internet and CD roms (presently 2.8gb after a slim down)

- perhaps the size of your paging file/virtual memory. If you have alot of ram, it will get big (i have 512 ram, so its not that huge)

- video editing, recordings can use huge amounts of space

- the size of all your browser, installers or other cached content (it might not be alot, but 100mb is still 100mb used up)

Cant think of anything else right now, but your disc can be used quite readily. Of course at the end of the day it depends how you personally use your computer :P

Who cares if its "only" 80gb, i have machines with 40gb, and they run fine. At the end of the day, as with performance, the true benchmarks by which you need to measure your machine are how you use it. On that note, dont need to feel that you need more disc drives just because your total capacity is inferior :thumbup

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