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MS OFFICE 2000 trouble


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Hi all. I've managed to completely screw up MS Office on my PC. Well, here goes nothing.

So I came across these Java demonstrations on the 'net and decided to download them. They're great! They show all the features of this awesome programming language! So after all those applets, colour, and animation demos, I closed the file. Then I noticed this sign down in the task bar:

Information message dialog :

Low Disk Space

You are running our of disk space in Local Disk (C:). To free space on this drive by deleting old or ununecessary files click here...

So of course I click there (in the message bar).

Then I get this:

Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is calculating how much space you will be able to free on Local Disk(C:). This may take a few minutes to complete...

About 20 seconds later, I got the Disk cleanup window. I don't want to delete any of my files, so I decide to close it.

About a second later, I get this Warning message:

Low disk space

Your Windows drive has only 106MB of free disk space available. It is recommended to have at least a minimum of 200MB free on your Windows drive to ensure system reliability. You can free even more disk space by removing programs that you do not use. Would you like to do that now?

I click on "NO"

So, without thinking much, I decide to move the entire contents of Microsoft Office to the D folder (I didn't think much that MS Word, Excell, Powerpoint, FrontPage, heck, even WordPad, rely on MS Office!). OH NO! Now none of the above-mentioned MS Office programs would run! So I moved another program from the C drive to the D drive, to save up some disk space. Then I moved MS Office back to the C-Drive, but too late! I still couldn't run any of its programs! Then whenever I tried opening MS Word, I got a message telling me that there were some files missing from the location where they were supposed to be. No problem, I just moved those files there (after many attempts at finding MSWORD9.OLB, and other files!).

Now I'm stuck, because the other programs aren't as easy to fix! I'll start with the most important ones:

1. MS Powerpoint:

When I want to create a new presentation, I can no longer use their templates to do so. Whenever I click on any one, there's no longer a preview picture - it says that I should 'Click OK to install additional templates and create a new file'. When I do click on OK, it attempts to install Office 2000, and says that 'the feature I'm trying to use is on a CD ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the Microsoft Office premium disk and click OK'. When I do click on OK

'Microsoft Powerpoint can't display the template used in the document. Microsoft Powerpoint cannot install the necessary files due to Windows installer error 1603.'

I'm indundated with all sorts of errors, but I think this is the most significant:

'The path or file name for C:\Documents and Settings\private\Microsoft Office\Office\Gesture.pot is invalid. Please check that the path and file name are correct.' I've searched for *.pot files, but haven't had any luck there. How can I fix this? Anybody know of how this problem can be fixed?

2. MS FrontPage:

Doesn't function at all. It only opens up, then thats that. I can't perform any operations at all. Say I click on 'File -> New', then I get the instalation messages again.

The MS games don't even play any longer. They're no longer on the Accessories Games folder. I've had to search for and find them, but then Windows tries to install various files that I don't know of.

So as it stands, MS Office has its files all over my C drive, and thus it can't run its programs properly. I don't know how to fix this problem.

For eg. in MS Powerpoint, the design templates are missing! I'm being prompted to reinstall them again.

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Surely the best way of fixing it is to perform a complete uninstall, delete the Microsoft Office folder from Program Files and perform a full reinstall onto the drive of your choice. I know Office 2000 isnt the fastest installation on the block, but it will probably save you alot of time and trouble in the longer term.

Of course the uninstall function may not work depending on how you moved the files around. You mentioned the Windows games not working either? What Windows version are you running? If it is something easily broken like 98, you might have problems.

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