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Need script to modify sysprep.inf


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Hi Guys,

Could someone provide single bat file that will be attached to sysprep.inf to create proper computer name.Kindly provide procedure to attacha bat file.

Thanks a lot

Karthik R

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This is somewhat related to what my boss wants me to figure out...

We have PC's listed in Active Directory as PC201, PC200, PC199, PC198, PC197 etc...

He wants new PC's imaged on to the domain to look up in AD the current list of PC names, then -1

i.e. At the time of imaging the current lowest number workstation is "PC145", he wants the new imaged PC to automatically be named "PC144"

Does that make sense?

Currently the scripting mentioned earlier in this thread is way over my head, and it still doesn't really do what he asks.

I see that this: http://mystuff.clarke.co.nz/MyStuff/vbsstuff.asp?func=WSNameNamingwithSQL&Title=Using%20SQL%20to%20Generate%20a%20Self%20Incrementing%20Computer%20Naming%20System#WSNameNamingwithSQL

Could work basically, but it is still beyond me and I need my bosses help setting up SQL... but besides that, honestly where and how would I configure this in sysprep? I know nothing about sctipting or scripts.


BTW I want to give a HUGE thanks to all here. I know I am behind the curve a lot and your help has been invaluable.

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To help, I'll post what I am planning on doing:

InstallFilesPath="C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache";C:\Sysprep\i386



DistFolder="C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache"





Now if someone could let me know before I burn another DVD to see if this works...

If I understand correct from

You guys are trying to reinvent the wheel here. Do a google search for "wsname". This little utility does everything you guys are wanting and more. I set the "ComputerName=*" in the sysprep.inf and then let this utility run in the cmdlines.txt to rename the computer account to the correct name.

If I put my cmdlines.txt in the c:\Sysprep\i386\$OEM$ folder AND put the getname.vbs file in that folder also and my cmdlines.txt looks like this


AND the database is set up correctly this will name the computer in the convention I want?

I have to ask before I try because working without a VM environment burning these test DVD's is a pain. I have to ask my boss to do it because I don't have a burner... it's getting annoying to him to have to waste a new dvd every day.

(BTW this is the last request he has in the project, so I should be done if it works!)

Thanks again for all your help everyone!!

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