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question about flyakite's multi boot dvd tutorial


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the tutorial only really mentions the i386 and programs folders and where they should be placed but it's not clear to me where to put the other 4 folders. Do I just place these in the root as well (referring to folders: BART, BIN, EXECUTE and UTILITY)

none of these folders are listed in "My DVD Layout"

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doesnt the tutorial say something like:"Copy the entire "XXXXX" cd to the "XXXXX" folder....referring to the created setup folder in your root.

within this folder all your different os are copied in.u just have to follow the instructions concerning the point of cutting files out of this folder.

much fun,


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yeah but he does not mention the folders when he mentions what the layout should look like nor is it in his "my dvd layout" link. Just was wondering if the other folders are necessary.

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