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Weirdest Problem Ever Encountered ?


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Ok i have no clue what happened

Girlfriends computer

160gig WD Harddrive (2 Partitions)

Backed up all her music and pictures to second partition

Reinstalled OS on first Partition

Booted into Windows , Mp3 folder goes from #-b , Lost C- Z ???

Her Picture Folder is there but cant be opened up ??

Tried Multiple Recovery Programs , Gave up hope

Next Reboot Scan disk wants to run , All Music recovers on next boot , But Pictures still gone , Girlfriend in tears

Installed another 160 gig harddrive in her system , moved MP3 Folder to that harddrive

Next Reboot , System wants to do Scan disk again , Now recovers All Pictures, Girlfriend immediately backs them up to disk

So what happened ? I am Clueless , I deleted the partition after we moved everything to the second drive , and recreated it (incase corrupt) , Just glad it fixed itself


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Sound like the system isn't getting the hard disk parameters correct. Sometimes weird stuff like this happens when people load special boot sectors on their hard disks. These special boot sectors are usually installed so motherboards with old BIOS's can use all the data on large hard disks.

The first thing I would do is delete the MBR on all the hard disks in the system. Then nuke all partitions so you have a clean slate. Then install your OS from scratch.

the easiest way I've found to nuke the MBR and partitions is to use a DOS boot disk and boot to DOS. The use the freeware gdisk utility like this:

gdisk 1 /mbr /wipe

if you have a second drive:

gdisk 2 /mbr /wipe

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