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RunOnceEx.cmd Creator help

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what is program path?

what do i put in the program file path when i go to add a program

and once im done doing all this where do i actually put the real software files?

when im done all of that am i done...will xp install my software for me?

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Read the Unattended guide.

The RunOnceEx.cmd creator program will simply create the .cmd file that will then install your progams. You still have to set up the CD as normal.

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Well... first off this should probably be in the Unattended section of the forum. If a mod sees this, please move it.

As for the question, the basic idea is that the files that are located in the $OEM$ folders on your CD (read up on them in the guide) are copied over to the harddrive during the first stages of the Windows install.

(I'll start with batch files since that's the easiest place to start learning about UACDs)

From there, you set up the cmdlines.txt file to run your batch file. Have a look at the examples page for a good start on the basics of setting up the necessary files.

The program path that is described in the RunOnceEx creator refers to the location where the program can be found.

For example, if you set up your $OEM$ folders as follows:


Then your batch file would run a command as follows

start /wait %systemdrive%\Installs\Installer.exe /switch

The start command starts the installation of the program, and the /wait switch tells the batch file to wait until the installer is finished before moving onto the next command.

If you are unfamiliar with writing batch files, try practicing some basic stuff first, such as copying or renaming files, or running several programs in sequence (i.e. run MSPaint, then Word, then IE).

Hope this helps!

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ok i understood that but can u please answer my questions and ill be good to go!

what is the program file path?

and where do i put the actuall software? $oem$/$1/Install/applications/software folder/software files?

and once i create a runoncex.cmd file and add my software to the cd am i done adding software.. will it work when i put the cd in?

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The program path that is described in the RunOnceEx creator refers to the location where the program can be found.

Like I said, it's the file path to where the program can be found.

You have some options as to where to put the software itself. The most basic option is in a folder such as $OEM$\$1\Installs\(Software name)\.

As for where to put the RunOnceEx.cmd file, read here. Actually read it. All the information is there.

Creating a UACD for the first time is not an easy task for most people. I'm pretty computer-savvy, but it still took me a couple of tries to get everything working properly. Take your time and read everything carefully. If you get stuck, read it again (we'll now if you haven't ;) ). Then Google to see if your problem has come up before. Then come back here and ask for more help.

As for testing your CD, it's best to run the ISO in either VMWare or VirtualPC. That way, you won't be wasting CDRs and you'll know that in the end your CD will work.

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