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Unattended CD/DVD maximum size


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I've been making an unattended DVD for some time and now I have faced the problem with some kind of size limit. When the size of the DVD gets some size (maybe 100-200MB) over 4GB the DVD doesn't work anymore.

Yes I have tested every scenarios and it really depends on the size of the image. Windows install starts but locks right after the first text message after boot.

I have tested it with Virtual PC (using DAEMON to mount image) and also with real system and problem still occur.

Does anyone have information about size limitations of unattended discs?

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Are your drives formatted as NTFS or FAT32?

Sounds like a filesystem limitation to me. :no:

Also, what kind of DVD image are you burning?

Must use UDF (not ISO) for images over a certain size, if I recall correctly....

Please let us know here what you find out, OK?

Mark Strelecki, ACP


Computing and Programming Since 1975

"I Make IT Go!"

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I'm also using Nero and .nrg.

I don't think the hd filesystem is the problem because it hangs straight after boot. But anyway it's NTFS. It doesn't matter if I burn image to dvd or use it with daemon - problem still occurs.

It seems to me the problem is with image format. I haven't found any documented specifications about format restrictions.

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I've had the same problem, too. Doesn't matter if I use Nero or Roxio to make the image. I've chosen Joliet as the CD/DVD filesystem. So, Mark Strelecki, are you saying use UDF instead? Will have to try that.

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