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Building a Computer , Backup Question


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I am building my little sister a computer right now , I am using some old parts from her 500mhz celeron

Here is the question , I am using a 60 gig maxtor , and i dont know how old it is , and after i install XP and all the programs she needs , i am going to do a backup with Arconis

Basically Arconis is like Norton Ghost , but where Ghost allows you to burn the image onto a dvd , Arconis allows you to make a hidden partition to restore from if anything goes wrong

If she decides to upgrade to a new HD later on , Arconis does look like it will allow me to restore to a different drive

Will i have any problems if i do so ????

I just dont wanna do 2 installs of EVERYTHING

XP Pro

Norton AV 2005


MS Office 2003

Adobe Photoshop CS


DVD Shrink

DVD Decrypter

Alcohol 120%


Vopt Defrag

Win Rar


and so on

Thanks Rob

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I think I would burn the image to a dvd too, because if you hard drive fails, even the hidden partion will be gone and unable to restore your stuff, but if you had it on a dvd as an image, you could install a new drive, restore the image off the dvd to the new hard drive and then you would be done.

just my 2 cents worth.

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