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[C++/C#/J#/VB] Miracle on Visual Studio Terrace

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I've just tried vs .net 2005 beta 2 and guess what? Now intellisense seems to work decently. I'm so happy that I wanted to tell everyone :P

Even when you press F1 on a method or an attribute it displays the right page! Isn't that great? It took them more than 4 years but who cares, now it seem works, I hope that the final version won't break the working intellisense :P

It comes with .net framework, a new pocket device emulator (with 2003se), an almost redesigned interface (finally it doesn't look anymore like a win 3.11 program), a new toolbars docking system that is very useful and a new msdn version with tabbed browsing (well I never seen tabs on the 200 version maybe they was there too).

Strangely even if it's a beta i've never got a single crash for now it looks very stable.

If you use visual studio I really suggest you to try the new beta :o

BTW It looks that the next visual studio, the one that will come after 2005 will have a completely redesigned interface. I wonder what they will change :blink:

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