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Proxy setup for IE6 xpsp2 Tor/Privoxy


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I was reading an article on how to secure xp and was directed here:

Running the Tor client on Win32

I set up IE6 (settings were saved) and went to check the setting in Avant and they were blank. The settings should have been there. Anyway IE will not run through privoxy. I don't know if this is related to the last IE patch and there wasn't any relevant kb articles that I could find at MS. Is there some registry setting where this can be done from or that needs to be purged? All other programs Firefox, Cuteftp work just fine so it isn't a Tor / Privoxy issue. There was a win95 article where the solution was to setup in safe mode but that didn't work either. Any insights will be appreciated. TIA

added: There is a second setting in a Avant that needs to be set so that works fine now.

It seems in my experience that every time time there is an IE patch at least on my box that there is some issue that pops up that usually doesn't get resolved without a clean install of the os. Last time there were issues with the browser accepting java applets from certain sites that worked fine prior to the patch but afterwards caused IE to crash.

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i'm JAPuser but i followed ur ur link and installed Tor/Privoxy and Tested IE (XP Pro sp2 latest hotfixes)

it works great..so no issues for "last IE patch" ;)



to test it




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