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Werid GPO errors


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Hey guys im trying to edit my Domain Controller Policy on my server with Windows 2003 Enterprise SP1 running ISA2k4,AD,DNS,DHCP and if i try to edit the policies i get this error

Also if i try to edit any Group Policies under Group Polices Managment in my Admin account it keeps saying i dont have permission and stuff like that but on my other admin accoutn which isnt the one windows came with i can edit stuff

after a bit of fiddling around and trying to make the stuff direct to the ip of the internal network not external i have come up with this error which im guessing is causing the trouble so how would i fix this




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Ill take a quick shot at this - right click the drive and check Security tab have the users details been entered to have access? also right click Group Polices Managment and select Run As enter the details of another administrator - can he access it if yes check the permissions and add yourself to it - may not resolve but its a start.....

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