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Custom Wallpaper/visual Style Help


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How would I go about having my XP installation CD not install the default wallpapers or screen savers that normally come with Windows, but replace them with a set of mine own to be installed in their place?

2nd, is there any decently effective(and hopefully not too complicated)way of setting XP to use a visual style of your own creation(including custom icons, wallpaper, screen saver, etc.) and to make the installation disk install your custom visual style as the default?

Thanks for any input.

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ne way of doing it is to go into Display Property where you can ajust the Wallpaper, Screensaver, etc.

Return to the Theme tab and select Save as...

Next, put this custom .theme file in $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes

Also, add your background image in $OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper

Next you'll add this to your Winnt.sif




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