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All The Hotfixes Have The Same Size(0.7mb)


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I have installed a basic unattended windows SP1 with only hotfixes. it seems that the hotfixes have been installed correctly, because i see them in the panel of control (section of eliminate programs: agregar o quitar programas). But i have noticed that all the hotfixes have the same size: 0.7 MB and i think that is strange.

Is there any way to know if the the hotfices are properly installed or maybe i have made something wrong.

here is my svcpack.inf:

;Windows XP


Signature="$Windows NT$"








KB828741.exe /Q /O /N /Z

KB835732.exe /Q /O /N /Z

KB833987.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB840987.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB841356.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB841533.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB873376.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB889293.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB873339.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB885835.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB885836.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB890175.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB891711.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB871250.exe /passive /norestart /quiet

KB890830.exe /q


Any suggestions please?

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first: if i get it right the hotfix files are only 0,7MB ? maybe u downloaded the webupdate files? not the fullfiles for administration installation? the hotfix EXE files sizes are different, some are less than 1mb some more then 3 ... check that

and if u downloaded the webinstall files, u could install windows without being connected to the internet, i dunno for sure if its possible to run a webupdate while the setup is still running, but if its possible u could suppress the update by pulling the plug. if no update is installed u got the wrong ones.

last but not least u could use the '/l' switch on one of the update files, it'll list all installed packages, if they are there u could be sure that they are installed.

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