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WMI couln't be started


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Hi all,

I have problems using WMI on WinPE 2004. I have added WMI support with the /WMI switch.

- In WinPE, If I try the wbemtest.exe and try to connect to the root/default namespace I'm getting an error:

"Number: 0x80080005

Facility: Windows

Description: Server execution failed"

- The same is if I try to start the winmgmt service with "net start winmgmt". I'm getting "the service could not be started"

- The VBS example from the WinPE help file is also not listen any objects etc.


- did anybody have similar problems?

- Is anybody using WMI without problems, if yes, did he something special?

- Any idea?



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Did you add the optional components and run the batch file it creates? Read the docs, but just supplying the /wmi param is not enough. When you launch the VBS script, it creates files that need to be copied to your installation. PM me if you need further clarification.


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Hi, I just did some testing with Windows PE 2005 and I had the same problem when using the /WMI and /PNP parameter. When I only used the /WMI parameter everything went OK. On my system one file call amdk8.sys could not be copied during the call of oemmint.exe in the file mkimg.cmd resulting in an ERRORLEVEL 1. Because of this ERRORLEVEL 1 the part "Copy the WMI repository" was skipped. This made WMI fail!!!

I now changed the lines below in the file mkimg.cmd


if /i "%WMISUPPORT%"=="yes" (




if /i "%WMISUPPORT%"=="yes" (

I think it might be the same with Windows PE 2004.

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