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Wireless Zero Configuration - bugs?


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There seems to be situations where "perfectly configured" wireless networking components intermittantly fail with XP. Often the "WZC" service stops for no known reason. User intervention, restarting the service restores the wireless connection.

Has anyone any info on the "latest news" on this subject? I believe the MS position is that this issue is the result of hardware or network configuration, and not any weakness in the WZC service code.

Yet, even systems with signed drivers and HCL product experience the glitch.

Any comments appreciated.

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I use my wireless connection all the time (I very rarely use my ethernet port on my laptop) and I've never had any such problems with the WZC service. With both my laptop and desktop computer (both running wireless) the WZC service has always worked.

I have, however, had problems with WZC and manufacturer's wireless configuration utilities. Even when WZC was disabled, the manufacturer's util didn't work properly, and when I disabled the third party util, WZC didn't work properly.

If you are having troubles with WZC, I would recommend removing any drivers/software that came with the wireless device and then reinstall the drivers...BUT... don't install them from the setup on the CD/download package. Extract the downloaded install package and have the windows hardware installer look for drivers in the extraction directory or the CD. Then, simply let WZC manage your networks and you shouldn't run into any problems.

Hope this helps.

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