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whats switches for OpenOffice v1.1.3 ?


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nevermind fixed it :yes:

i forgot that everyone here uses warezed office 2003, and arnt so interested in free/legal stuff:)

this app rox, nice small size too fit on normal CD installation, great for oem's too include free on cd :whistle:

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1. Open Office 1.1.3 install method is pretty much the same as older versions too.

2. Silent install method is quite simple.

3. Since no one here is interested in free/legal stuff, I wonder how searching for a silent install of Open Office threw up 3 pages of topics/results (which means lot of discussion):


4. OpenOffice is far slower, and larger install size than MS-Office2k3 (o2k3 can be slimmed down to a 30 MB install-source).

And lastly, please remember I'm saying all of this in good faith - because I'm an OpenOffice user too. So don't start a flame or something. :)

Just remember the "Search" function of the forum is your friend.

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Hmm... there's a slight thing that has been not noticed:

Searching for "open office" (in lower-case, and with the spacing) would have given results. That screen-shot is of the google search.

And.... No, the google search bar was not the one I was referring to.... sorry I should have explained.

1. At the top of the forums page, there's the MSFN logo...

2. Just below it, is a tool-bar... (with links to "msfn home", rules, help, search, etc.)

3. The "Search" in that tool-bar is what is normally referred to.

4. In other words, please see the top-right corner of the page, for the link to the search function.

And.... here's the link to the search for "open office" through that - the forum's own search

Hoping this helps....

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the software is actually called "OpenOffice" not "open office" thats why i searched it that way...

yeh i see the tiny hidden search thing now... that google bar is a crap idea... way to big, and if i wanted too search google, i'd go too google.co.uk get rid ;)

cheers for the helpz


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Or if you are using a DVD install disc and have plenty of room you could unpack the install file and then use these two lines in your RunOnceEx.cmd file.

REG ADD %KEY%\140 /VE /D "OpenOffice 1.1.3" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\140 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\Applications\OOo\setup.exe -r "%systemdrive%\Install\Applications\OOo\response.txt"" /f

Then I put this information into the response.txt and dropped it into the same folder.



DestinationPath=C:\Program files\OpenOffice


EndProcedure = MyEndProc







JavaSupport = preinstalled_or_none


Sub PostSetup

SetReboot( False )

End Sub


Seems to work on my end with the exception of not putting icons into the all user account.


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