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InstallShield Problem!


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Well, i create the setup.iss file with the command line Setup -R, and thats fine i think!

The problem is that i create the setup.iss file when the %systemdrive% is "C:\", and then i want to install Windows Xp to a %systemdrive% equal to "E:\". InstallShiel based instalations always install to "C:\"!

My question is how to make InstallShield based installations drive independent?

Thanks in advance!

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you can write in command-line /f1e:\setup.iss or anywhere else after setup.exe to specify where setup.iss is.


%systemdrive%\install\applications\setup.exe /f1%systemdrive%\setup.iss

you can also call it with another name

Thank you, but i guess that doesn´t solve the problem!

The problem is not where setup.iss is. The problem is the path that the program will be installed to.

Anyway, i solved the problem already.

Thanks anyway!

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