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Norton SP2 Security Center Update, Unattended


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Don't know if this has been posted, I've searched but couldn't find anything.... Anyway, here goes:

To get the Windows Security Center in SP2 to work with Norton Antivirus and Firewall already at first logon, you can download the update from here:

http://www.n e o w i n.net/staff/RadishTM/Norton_WMI_Update.rar

(added spaces to pass the spam filter... :D )

All you need from the archive is the file 'SYMWMI04.MSI', add this to your unattended install with the switch /qn.

"SYMWMI04.MSI /qn"

To disable the prompt that pops up after installation (see attached picture), add this to your registry:


To share Norton security status with Windows Security Center add this to registry:


Change it to hex:01 if you don't want Norton's status to be shared.

Cheers :hello:


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