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Alternative Boot folders


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I have followed the instructions on the flyakite website, and all my alternatives boot, but they don't seem to read the winnt.sif files, because nothing is automated, even when I have them set for unattended.



   AdminPassword=<encrypted password>

   OrgName="All in One DVD XP Pro"



AutoUpdate = off
Dialer = off
Hypertrm = Off

DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes
DefaultThemesOff = Yes


Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall

Mode = 0

If anything is obvious, please let me know, because my DVD is so close to working.


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Well, it's a multiboot disc, so the guide says to put it in the boot folder for that option. I don't want this one to do an OEM Preinstall, but should I still make that switch "yes" and just not have an $oem dir in parallel?




-------no winnt.sif


-------winnt.sif with Unattended, but not OEM Pre


-------winnt.sif with Unattended and OEM Pre









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Ah, ok. I think I understand. Though you'll probably need to have more directories if you plan on having a preinstall and setup on the same disc. Even if you don't do a preinstall, the $OEM$ directory is parsed. And it must be in the same directory as i386. So you'll need a preinstall directory and non-preinstall directory for each version of Windows (one with and one without a $OEM$ directory). Everything else seems to be in the right place though, so I'm not sure why your winnt.sif isn't being parsed.

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Just an update. It ended up that the reason it wasn't parsing the winnt.sif was because I forgot to hex edit the SETUPLDR.BIN to point to the new boot folders. Now it seems to be working fine. Thanks for the help though.

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