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Please help me with winnt.sif

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I got a little problem. I try to install WIndows XP Pro Unattended without having to select a partition and format the drive. I try the put the Repartition=No command but when setup start, he ask me to select the partition i want to use and in which format i will like to format my HD...

Here is the code of my winnt.sif











   DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes
   DefaultThemesOff = Yes

   Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall

   Mode = 0

Did i do something wrong in my command line???

If i put the


command do i have to put the


command line? . Please help me.... :wacko:

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Use Autopartition = 1 if you want to install windows on the first partition without an windows installation already on it. Else set it at 0.

If you want windows on the first drive, use repartition = Yes. Drive will be refomated and windows will install. Else set it at No.

I prefer getting the prompt for partitioning myself. You may lose the ability for repairing etc.


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Windows is already installed on my HD. I want to format in NTFS and install windows on my HD. (I dont have any partition. Only 1 HD of 140 gig) I dont need the ability for repairing

So i have to put

Use Autopartition = 0 
repartition = Yes

Is that right?

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i am attempting to do the same thing ( i am a newbie so i appologize if this is repetition) but..... just so i understnad this correctly.....

if i add the lines


Autopartition = 1


Repartition = Yes

this will automatically delete all partitions on my primary HD in this case C:\ and then create 1 partition that is the complete size of my c:\ which would be approx 120GB in my case and then quick format the new single partition using NTFS?

if this is the correct understnading then great!

thanks for all of your help!

also, anyone know how to do unattended setup like this but with it autoamtically creating multiple partitions of specific sizes??? I am going to be workign on my home server after i successfuly create a setup for my computer.



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