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SP2 Slipstreaming


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Hello All,

I'm just after thoughts, so if in wrong area, apologies.

I have downloaded the SP2 file from link here at msfn.org.

When i came to perform the slipstream manually, it did nothing, though doubleclicking on it worked fine, so i know file is good and working.

I have looked at the help, (/? or /help), and the switch is /integrate:<path>, however,

If i do th is on

Windows 2000 Server SP4

it fails when applying to either


XPSP1a, or

XP :)

Though when done on XPSP1a with exact switch of

C:\WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe /integrate:c:\xpsp2

it works with no issues at. :rolleyes:

I prefer to do it manually, as i learn more, though as an experiment i use nlite to do it and that also failed, with an eror, but can't remember it.

Any thoughts as to why one works and another not?


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Have managed to resolve his with some more thought and playing.

so do this and you it will work.

Extract the file "WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe" in to a folder of choice

Then do start | run and type <pathname>\uodate\update.exe /s:<pathnameofxp>

It will then integrate as expected.

Now going to produce cd and see how it goes.

Will update with results for those interested.


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Found that using /s:<path> switch did work and also using the /integrate:<path> switch which is the oone listed when you do a /? or /help to get a full list of available switches.

CD built and intstalled with no issues and when doing a winver it shows SP2 as version.

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