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Feedback Hub suggestion: Release the Microsoft Theme Packager (packthem)

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https://aka.ms/AAkad6m (Insider users only)

Why is this important?
Microsoft does have a first-party solution for customizing the UI of Microsoft Windows: .msstyles (patent no. US7565611). Most of the .msstyles files found on the internet are created using third-party tools such as msstyleEditor by nptr. Unfortunately though, these themes are usually unsigned or not signed properly and require a third-party patcher to work.

Microsoft's Theme Packager is the only software that can generate proper .msstyles files that are signed. It can even sign existing .msstyles files which is a nice relief for the .msstyles community. However, Microsoft kept this tool a secret for over 15 years, nowhere to be found on Microsoft's website. If Microsoft were to release this tool now, that would be a massive improvement for the .msstyles community.

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