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Windows 2000 ATI FirePro Drivers


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Thanks to blackwingcat, I just got my ATI FirePro V3800 working on Windows 2000... I modified one of his ATI Radeon drivers with the XP Firepro driver. Here it is, in case anyone else would be interested. It has the HDMI audio + video driver as well as the Catalyst engine... I believe Catalyst requires .NET framework 2.0.

List of supported cards:


AMD FireStream 9170
AMD FireStream 9250
AMD FireStream 9270
ATI FireGL V3600
ATI FireGL V5600
ATI FireGL V7600
ATI FireGL V7700
ATI FireGL V8600
ATI FireGL V8650
ATI FirePro 2260
ATI FirePro 2260
ATI FirePro 2450
ATI FirePro 2460
ATI FirePro V3700  
ATI FirePro V3750
ATI FirePro V3800  
ATI FirePro V4800  
ATI FirePro V5700  
ATI FirePro V5800
ATI FirePro V7750  
ATI FirePro V7800  
ATI FirePro V8700  
ATI FirePro V8750
ATI FirePro V8800
ATI FirePro V9800

Link again: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bH0_LwIaGFF0VNOpHY-BipyskhMTDIJE/view

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