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What is God mode in Windows 7 and how to enable it (Quick Tutorial)

Youssef Pro

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Windows comes with many settings. You can control the settings through the Control Panel or from the Settings application

But you can also collect all Windows 7 settings in one place by creating a “God Mode”

Here are the categories of tools you'll find in God Mode:

Administrative Tools
Backup and Restore
Color Management
Credential Manager
Date and Time
Devices and Printers
Ease of Access Center
File Explorer Options
File History
Indexing Options
Internet Options
Network and Sharing Center
Pen and Touch
Phone and Modem
Power Options
Programs and Features
RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
Security and Maintenance
Speech Recognition
Storage Spaces
Sync Center
Tablet PC Settings
Taskbar and Navigation
User Accounts
Windows Defender Firewall
Windows Mobility Center
Work Folders

What is God Mode

God Mode gives you access to all management features in one place and is still better than modern Windows 10 & Windows 8.1 settings.

Where you can control all Windows settings and features from one place without going into many pages


As you can see in the screenshot above, God Modes UI is based on the Control Panel layout and is designed to help you quickly configure Windows settings from a single screen.

How to enable God mode in Windows 7 | Also applies to Windows 8 & 8.1 & 10

1 - To access God Mode in Windows 10, you need to create a special shortcut folder on your desktop

2 - On the desktop, right-click anywhere.

3 - Select the "Create a new folder" option.

4 - Right-click on the new folder.

5 - Rename the folder and copy the following command and give the folder that name


GodMode folder

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