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bcdboot in Win10PE

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Hello and hoping you are all doing well and staying healthy.  

I am relatively new to using WinPE, I am currently using .wim files to image a multiple partitioned HP ProLiant DL380 Gen 10 server with Server 2016.  I have created and wrote to all the partitions with no errors.  When I attempt to write the boot files to the 100MB boot partition using:  "C:\Windows\System32\bcdboot" "C:\Windows" /s "B:" the return is "Boot files successfully created" when I attempt to boot into the OS, I get the Windows logo then an error saying can't find boot files?  In WinPE when I change to the B: drive and provide the command dir /a it shows two files created in B:  bootmgr and BOOTNXT and the Boot directory which has multiple files in it.  Now the strange thing is, when I do the same thing on a HP ProLiant DL380 Gen 5 server everything works fine.  I have been beating my head against the wall on this one for weeks so finally decided to create a post.  My apologies as I don't have the experience many of you have.  I am an installer by trade but forced to perform System Engineer work due to loosing my SE.

Thank all of you that read and respond ahead of time.

All the best,

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Can you clarify?
Do you use BIOS or UEFI boot at the ProLiant DL380 Gen 5?
Do you use BIOS or UEFI boot at the ProLiant DL380 Gen 10?
Do you use MBR or GPT layout at the ProLiant DL380 Gen 5?
Do you use MBR or GPT layout at the ProLiant DL380 Gen 10?

A example: If yoo boot WinPE at BIOS mode, but wan't to write UEFI boot files to the disk, then use bcdboot /f UEFI

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Thank you cdob for your reply.  I can answer the first two questions.  I use legacy boot over UEFI to allow for booting to the WinPE thumb drive on both the G-5 and G-10.  I am not sure about MBR or GPT layouts

I will give your suggestion of bcdboot /f UEFI and let you know.

All the best,

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