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Building a fullly updated MCE 2005 install?

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I have a Dell XPS-M140 laptop which originally shipped with XP Media Center Pro SP2. Some prior owner deleted the MediaDirect 2.0 partition and seriously boogered the Windows install - which had the bug of reporting itself as 2002 among others. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center The ident value is 3.0 for 2005 but properties says 2002.

So I'm attempting to do a clean install of MCE 2005 off a 2005 SP2 CD - properties shows 2002. WTH? Trying to install the WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa.exe fails. Fail here, there, everywhere. Faugh!

I'd like to make a slipstreamed MCE 2005 SP3 disc, even if it has to bloat up to be a DVD, so that it'll be a one and done all up to date, reporting its proper version. I'd also love to be able to restore MediaDirect 2 but I can only find 3 or later. Making the MediaDirect button do something like launching Media Center or PotPlayer would be a useful substitute.

Or how about an unofficial updater that takes the MCE updates and SP3 plus whatever other updates (found and downloaded like how Autopatcher does so it's not redistributing MS software) are needed then forcibly installs it all, replacing the files and registry information with the latest, working ones. Don't try to be 'nice' to the installed XP, just hammer it in like a 10lb sledge on a railroad spike and make it work.

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