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Need help: Partition order windows UEFI


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Oh, my. 

Did you believe that grubx64.efi is a BOOTSECTOR?  :w00t:

I guess you should think also about shimx64.efi, consult this (long) page:


and this one:


Basically, dual booting on UEFI is a total mess, depending on single machines/firmwares and specific version of windows (and *what not* :() but, as you found out, normally you cannot add a multi-boot entry for Linux/GRUB2 to Windows BOOTMGR BCD on UEFI, you need to make GRUB2 (or Refind, etc.) your main bootmanager.


Oh i'm do not know about osloader or bootsector in bcdedit command. I think that grubx64.efi just like grldr but grldr config menu.lst, grubx64.efi config grub.cfg.

I try with bcdedit add grubx64.efi before but no luck. Not remember exactly what error, but it fail on windows boot manager, I will try again and will report detail error. tks for your given links

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