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Windows Calculator Annoyance


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This has become a real annoyance to me and I'm now desperate for ideas and possible solutions.


As I type on my keyboard the Windows 7 calculator program opens spontaneously.  However, I can never replicate the issue. 


I've never used hotkeys and according to my online research there is no Windows Shortcut assigned to the calculator so I can't be opening it by accident via a shortcut.  I've just installed a piece of keylogging software but that hasn't helped as it just shows me what I've just typed not the exact keystroke.


It's happened twice whilst writing this and happens frequently regardless of the software being used.  If keyboard use is required then it will happen.


Can anyone shed any light on this?


Thanks in advance.



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Some keyboards have a hotkey to start the calculator. On my Logitech Illuminated Keyboard it's FN+F7. Perhaps it's a problem with your keyboard.

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