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MDT 2013: how to install to specific partition?

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We have a broad range of different PC setups, which means, that sometimes the primary disk contains several partitions for i.e. data and/or a dualboot OS. Thus we need to keep those extra partitions intact.


I am trying to figure out how I can determine a specific partition to install Windows on before initiating the Lite Touch Installation. As these extra partitions differ, I have a hard time figuring out how to automate this. I believe I have to find a solution where I at least know the partition number or name before initiating installation.


The best option would be a disk management solution like we know it from a standard Windows installation, but this involves creating and customizing an extra wizard pane, and that I have absolutely no experience with. As these PC's with the extra primary disk partition(s) are somewhat rare in our environment, a bit of manual work before installation would be OK. For example booting to a partition manager first, setting up the partition and perhaps give it a name that could be used within the Task Sequence. But I am a bit lost on how to proceed.


Any help would be so much appreciated!

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