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Windows NT and Windows 2000 under Bochs?

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Has anyone run Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 under Bochs with networking support successfully?

Well, the latest SVN revision is 2014-01-05 and according to therock247uk from the Vogons DOSBox forums, Bochs has working Slirp support on Windows.

So far, in the official release of Bochs 2.6.2, there is no networking support. Even with WinPcap installed, networking hasn't been working correctly for years, niclist.exe network detection remains broken and Slirp doesn't work in the official Windows release.

Furthermore, if I try to enable Slirp support in the Windows NT 4.0 test VM on Bochs in the settings.bxrc config file, this log with error messages get displayed:

Bochs x86 Emulator 2.6.2
Built from SVN snapshot on May 26, 2013
Compiled on May 26 2013 at 10:10:55
00000000000i[ ] reading configuration from C:\Bochs\configs\WinNT\settings.bxrc
00000000000p[ ] >>PANIC<< C:\Bochs\configs\WinNT\settings.bxrc:76: ethernet module 'slirp' not available
00000000000e[CTRL ] notify called, but no bxevent_callback function is registered
Bochs is exiting with the following message:
[ ] C:\Bochs\configs\WinNT\settings.bxrc:76: ethernet module 'slirp' not available
00000000000i[CTRL ] quit_sim called with exit code 1

Bochs is exiting. Press ENTER when you're ready to close this window.

Has anyone compiled Bochs 2.6.2 with Slirp support using the SVN 2014-01-05 revision?

If so, I would like to grab a copy of the complied version and try to get networking working. :)

Also, the lowest processor that Bochs will be able to emulate is a Pentium MMX. I would also love to see Bochs compiled to run either on a 80386, 80486 or original Pentium. Windows NT 3.51 and Windows NT 4.0 ran on these processors very well.

If you would like more information on this, please let me know.

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