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Fujitsu Point 510 and Windows 95

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Hey there! :hello:

I recently installed Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 over MS-DOS/Windows 3.1 after concerns that MS-DOS wouldn't fully recognise the hard disk larger than 2 GB. I had to convert the drive to FAT32 and resize the drive to full capacity at 32 KB clusters (or up yo 66,732 clusters).

On the Fujitsu website regarding the LIFEBOOK Point 510, it only found three files, the BIOS update to version 1.09 (1997-09-09), the pen driver for Windows 95 and the updated Windows 95 patch. I'm curious to ask here.

In page 33 of the manual for the Fujitsu Point 510 unit, it mentioned the ability to rotate the display from landscape (wide) to portrait (tall) as well as performing pen calibration.

Are there any other drivers for the Point 510, for example, which it will let me rotate the display in landscape or portrait mode and perform pen calibration under Windows 95? The integrated video card that the Point 510 uses is the Chip & Technologies (C&T) 65548 display adapter with 1 MB of video RAM.

Just curious, because when it had Windows 3.1, I couldn't find any information on that. :(

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