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Windows 7 Customized WIM running OOBE instead of grabbing variables fr

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I created a customized wim for 32 bit Windows 7 and have been trying to deploy it through MDT Litetouch but have run into an odd problem. It takes all of the settings I add in the LiteTouch script, it applies the WIM, it installs driver and then it runs the full OOBE. It should be grabbing the computer name, password, etc. from the LiteTouch script but instead it is ignoring the MDT process and acting like a standard WIndows 7 install.

The odd thing is I used the exact same process for a customized 64 bit Windows 7 image and it is running flawlessly.

Any suggestions?

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Have you checked any of the log files to see if there are any errors? This ‘Ask the core Team’ blog post gives locations for MDT log files. Also, The TechNet article ‘Understanding Failures and Log Files’ shows the locations of various log files created by Windows Setup that may help find the issue. I’d recommend using the SLSHARE setting in your deployment share rules to automatically collect all the MDT logs in your deployment share for ease of troubleshooting. If you search for SLSHARE in the MDT help files, it explains how to set it up. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe there is an answer file in a higher priority location. The TechNet article ‘Methods for Running Windows Setup’ has a chart with the implicit answer file search order that will show you where to check.

Just out of curiosity, did you capture the image with a sysprep and capture task sequence in MDT, or some other method?

Hope this helps,

Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro
The Springboard Series on TechNet

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