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Ram for Graphic purpose


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hi all,

i have a laptop with 4 gb of ram but there's no graphic card available, it has Intel HD Graphics 3000 running in windows 7 32 bit.. And because of i am using a 32 bit of operating system it only support 2.60GB ram so I want to use 1GB ram for graphic & gaming purpose, So i'll be glad if some one instruct me how can do that?


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The question is about integrated video ( HD 3000 ). This is usually not user-configureable but maybe the latest drivers might have an option.

Anyway, you must switch to 64-bit Windows first as MagicAndre1981 has said before you can even utilize that entire 4 GB.

Then you should go and read through this Intel FAQ to find out what the Max and Min is according to the Intel driver. They show this as an example picture from the graphics driver properties ...


The common belief is that the number used by HD 3000 is between 64 MB and 1.65 GB. Here is someone trying to make sense of it ...


That's what I found also.

Intel HD Graphics 3000 is listed by Intel as beying able to use between 64M and 1.65G of shared memory.

My system has 3Gb reserved ... I want it back :D

256M or at most 512M are enough for my needs.

I searched for another BIOS for the laptop but could not find one.

Sometimes the BIOS has a shared video RAM allocation but I believe all that does is set the maximum that the Intel graphics driver can use.

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