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Password protect and limit install base lite touch.

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Hi Guys,

New at this and need to find out how and where I would setup a password to protect the install and also limit the install base to say Dell computers?

I currently do it with a VBscript on my none MDT 2010 install but alas must convert to mdt 2010:


' Password checker required for installation


Do Until n = 3

Password = InputBox("Please enter your password", "Windows XP SP3 Install")

If Password = "Password" Then

Exit Do


n = n + 1

End If


If n = 3 Then

MsgBox " Incorrect Password" &_

vbNewLine & " " &_

vbNewLine & " Installation will now reboot"




' Manufacturer checker for allow platforms.


Dim BaseBoardSet, sLen, item

Set BaseBoardSet = GetObject ("winmgmts:").InstancesOf("Win32_BaseBoard")

for each item in BaseBoardSet



If Manu = "Dell" Then


It's that simple, but where would I load it so that it does this check during the WinPE boot?



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If the MDT installation source is on the network (either booted via PXE or boot media), it already asks for a password. As to running it on Dell's only, that wouldn't necessarily be as easy and would require either some custom script or WMI filtering on a custom step during the task sequence, or using the database, or both.

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Cluberti is spot on, MDT has password protection by default of the boot image.

As for limiting deployments per vendor, very easy, this is also built in... use the following rules (customsettings.ini)... You can also do it per model, if you only want to allow installation on specific dell models


Priority=Make, Default



[Dell Computer Corporation]


[Dell Inc.]


[Dell Computer Corp.]


If you want to use wildcards (sort of) you can use this user exit http://blogs.technet.com/b/deploymentguys/archive/2009/09/10/using-and-extending-model-aliases-for-hardware-specific-application-installation.aspx

/ Johan

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Forgot to mention that has to be a media based install only, so leaving out the network password does me no good.

Here is the simple, I've watched the videos about 10 times or at least until they start to put me to sleep and as simple as I want it to be, it is not unless all I want to do is deploy a basic Windows OS.

I'm new at MDT 2010 and all I want to do is apply my WIM file but first password protect the media and then limit the install to a certain manufacturer. Also this is windows XP at this time and so far I haven't found the location of a customsetting.ini. And anything I can find on it seems to reference the database yet a media based install doesn't use a database.

Look at my first post, everything I need is in 27 lines including references. Yet can I figure out how to integrate it in the MDT 2010 install... not a chance. While I am a newbie at MDT 2010 I'm not a newbie at doing OS installs, building recovery partitions, installing from a multiple partition HDD so I've done a few things and now I need to learn this thing... :wacko:

My new manager now requires that I move to this process so just looking for some help guys. Any good books or anything out there that could be recommended? I love the WROX books, heck used one to learn vbScript.

Help me Obi One you're my only hope...



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Figured it out guys,

I just needed to build my .EXE file and call it first in the BOOT.WIM by just need to modify the run command in WinPE and do that by modifying the template files that is used the the media is created. The files are normally located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates and are called Unattend_PE_x64.xml and Unattend_PE_x86.xml.

Open them and replace the the text that looks like this(Please, make a copy of them before you make the changes…):

wscript.exe X:\Deploy\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf

with this:


Update the media

Give credit where credit is due... used this link for help... http://deploymentbunny.com/2011/01/26/password-or-pin-code-protect-mdt-2010-litetouch/


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