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WMP 11 Slipstreamer and Future Updates


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This is essentially a follow-up to my "Dot Net Demystified" thread. I'm trying to get WMP11 and the WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KBabc123 updates integrated into my install source. I found Boooggy's WMP11 slipstreamer and it seems to work well.

My question is this: If I integrate WMP11 with this tool, as future updates are released can I just run them with the /integrate switch pointed to C:\XPCD or do I always have to use the WMP11 slipstreamer for all WMP11 updates?

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You'll likely always need to use the slipstreamer for at least the following two reasons:

  1. Update.inf within WMP11 update packages has, to my knowledge, never included a [ProductInstall.Slipstream.Hotfix] section. This is most likely due to the fact that WMP11 itself is not officially supported with the /integrate switch.
  2. Update packages that service more than one version of WMP, such as KB2378111, do not contain any logic to determine the media player version included on source media.

Of course, the above limitations only apply when directly replacing files in the source. The /integrate option may still work to add the packages to the SvcPack.inf file where they may or may not install at the T-13 phase of GUI-mode setup. I do not know if the OS will be ready to install them at T-13—the WMP11 Slipstreamer adds maintenance commands to execute at T-13, so the new updates may possibly fail.

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