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Need help to set up sharing unattended

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I have another open thread under Networks and the Internet about sharing my Windows 7 drives. This isn't a double post, but the reverse question. How to share the drives on my XP computer (via unattended installation of Windows XP Home). I can get part way there, but the drives are not accessible.

My XP computer has two drives. One (C:) is on an on-board IDE controller. The other (D:) is on a SATA add-on card. The computer name is Saturn. Both drives work perfectly on the local machine so I don't think this has anything to do with drivers or hardware. I've tried both of these sets of commands in GuiRunOnce.cmd:

net share "Saturn C"=C:\ /UNLIMITED
net share "Saturn Data"=D:\ /UNLIMITED

rmtshare \\Saturn\"Saturn C"=C:\ /grant everyone:full
rmtshare \\Saturn\"Saturn Data"=D:\ /grant everyone:full

In each case, the drive icons change to show the hand under the drive, but when I try to access either drive from the Windows 7 machine, I'm prompted for a network user name and password.

On the properties window for either drive, it appears that I still need to turn on sharing. If I "...understand the security risks..." and "Just enable file sharing," everything comes up checked with the share name set above. Then I can access the drive without problems.

What do I need to do in addition to using one of the sets of commands above to automate sharing?

A couple of other things:

I've added the Security tab (Security Configuration Editor) but did not disable simple file sharing. On the Security tab of the C: drive, I have a list of users and groups: Admins, Owner, System, Users and "Everyone". The Permissions for "Everyone" are blank on this drive. On the D: drive, I have only one user group: "Everyone" with full control. I assume Windows is setting default permissions for the system (C:) drive and not adding additional permissions for the second (D:) drive. If I manually turn on sharing for the D: drive, my Windows 7 computer has full access to all folders and files. When I do that for the C: drive, I can see the folders but I can't access them until I manually give "Everyone" full control on the drive.

I've also tried moving the share commands to a separate process after Windows is completely installed just in case Windows is overriding my settings. No difference. I still have to manually turn on sharing to share the drives.

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you need to use calcs to set/change permissions via the command line

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