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Office 2007 Installation Files


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good day to all admins here, i would like to ask respectfully how to compress the temporary installation files with the setup.exe ?, what i mean is i want the setup to be cleaner so when i copy it to my other usb i dont need to copy the office 2007 installer folder because it has installation files with the setup.exe and we know that setup will not work without those files, i recently downloaded some files that has a pop up before the installation like "extracting installation files please wait", something like that and also when i right click them they can be extracted with winrar, i want to do something with this like the office 2010 setup that is a very clean installer file because the installation files is compressed with the setup.exe, also i want to do this so i wont need to extract my office2007setup.rar to a temporary folder and after the installation ill delete it, it wastes my time, reply as soon please, hope you understand what im saying, thanks

an example of what i want is like the adobe reader x setup file, when you click the setup something pops up saying "extracting installation files", i dont need a unique style and design, i appreciate even a simple progress bar only and a tittle, and when you right click the setup theres a option for extracting it..

thankx in advance

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