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No network drivers installed (WDS, WMware, Win2008 R2)

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I managed to inject the vmxnet3 drivers into the boot.wim image. But after installing windows 2008 R2 there are no network drivers installed. I can install the VMware tools and then the network is fine.

How can I have the network drivers installed during the unattended install? - my unattend.xml file does not get proccesed due to the missing network, at least that is what I think.

any advise?

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2 Options;

1) Import the drivers into the WDS server wich is a new feature in 2008 R2 under WDS.

2) Load drivers into boot.wim with RT Lite and load the new boot.wim into your WDS server.

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I did add the drivers to the Boot.wim file. The problem was after the boot and install. I had no network. But I figured that I could inject the same drivers into install.wim and this works fine.

Now I'm just having problems with the XML-unattend files. Eg.Productkey, language-settings fails (using Windows SIM)

Ahhh - Lightbulb!!

I just realized what you mean with option 1. Just found the driverpackage possibility :-). Will try this for the next image.

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