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Notification sounds

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I don't know how to describe this but firstly let me say that there is nothing wrong with the sound drivers or such. I get sound such as media players work, windows start up sounds work etc., the sound icon volume pings, but what I am not getting is the error sound when say you try and use any \ / : * ? " < > | and you get the notification: Filename is Invalid or Cannot Contain Any of the Following Characters \ / : * ? " < > |. Another instance is in imgburn when you are about to burn a folder you get the stats window and that ping is not played. All these sounds work in the sound control panel. No earlier restore point prior to missing sounds resolved this or using Erunt to go earlier registry hive. With erunt I have the original reg when the OS was installed.

I have a win7 sp1 slip streamed disk which I found out you cannot do a repair with nor can I get a factory sp1 disk, so that is out of a question. I would like not to reinstall. I once had an experience like this after unistalling VMware. I believe Tuneup Utlities might have caused this. Not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

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