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MDT 2010 LTI deployment, prompt for new user

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I'm testing deployment of Windows 7 images in a workgroup environment via MDT 2010.

I have edited bootstrap/customsettings.ini to auto-logon to the deployment share, etc., and about the only screens I get now are to prompt for the computer name. Image deployment works fine.

However, is there an inbuilt way to get MDT to prompt to create a new user and password, or an external app I can script to do the same, as part of the LTI process?? I've tried the NewUser tool from the XP/2003 Unattended forum, but it is unsupported under Windows 7.

Any advice appreciated

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Thanks for that....now to test it out, however is there any documentation on how to use the Wizard Editor?

Edit: found a Tutorial on myitforum . com

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