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Unattended installation of Win 7 installing the Grub4DOS bootloader


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Hello to everybody,

I'm trying to start the unattended installation of Windows 7 using GRUB4DOS with a different approach.

My first hard disk is partitioned like this :

(hd0,0) : Windows 7 100 MB hidden partition

(hd0,1) : partition where is installed Windows 7

This is what I did on (hd0,0) from Linux :

a) mv Boot Boot_

b) mv bootmgr bootmgr_

c) copied here the file autounattend.xml

c) copied here grldr

d) copied here menu.lst with this content inside :

title : Start the installation of Windows 7

root (hd0,1)

chainloader /bootmgr

on (hd0,1) I copied all the files and folder located on the Windows 7 DVD,so here I have these files and folders :


Documents and Settings

Program Files











After having done this,I have installed the GRUB4DOS bootloader on sda from Linux,with this command :

./bootlace.com /dev/sda

and I rebooted the computer. At the boot time it asks to me to press a special key if I want to load the old bootmgr. I don't do it and the grub4dos menu appears on the screen,showing the message :

Start the installation of Windows 7

When I press a key,the installation of Windows 7 starts correctly,but the autounattend.xml file is not detected. I don't understand why,because I have copied it on the root of (hd0,0) and of (hd0,1). I read somewhere that it should be copied o the root of the disk,is this right ? What's the root in my scenario,(hd0,0)/ or (hd0,1)/ ?

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